Bhilai Branch of CIRC of ICAI was inaugurated by then Hon'ble president Shri. N.D.Gupta on 10th August 2001. The Branch is situated in the "Steel City" of the state of Chhattisgarh. This Branch covers Durg, Bhilai, Rajnandgaon. Balod and Dalli-Rajhara and is having a total of 200+ members associated with it.

Bhilai Branch is Regularly Holding Academic and other programs which include National Conference, Regional Conference, Inter Regional Conference , Sub- regional Conference, Various Seminars, Workshops and Meetings, Study Circle Meetings, Modular Training, ISA and CAAT Programmes, International & Domestinc regional refresher course, etc. Student's Programmes & Activities are also given equals importance like Computer Training, Industrial Visits, study tours, coaching classes, etc. Programmes with Local Bodies Like Tax Bar Associations, JCI, I.T. Department & Rice Mill Association, NGOs, Ancilliary units of BSP, etc is Also Held.

Branch is Publishing News Letter Regularly Since inception. It has Published the Telephone Directory of its Member. A Female Head is Also Nominated to Motivate female Members to Participate in all the activities of the Branch. The Branch has Separate Sports and Cultural Committee Which regularly Orgnize Family Programmes Like Holi Milan, Diwali Milan , Picnic, 15th Aguest, 26th January , CA Foundation Day Celebrations, Women's day celebration, CricKet Match With Other Professional Associations , Other Sports Tournaments, etc.

Many Members of Our Branch are Life Members of CA Benevolent Fund.

Bhilai or Bhilai Nagar is a city in Durg district of Chhattisgarh state, India with a population of 753,837 (2001 census).[1] The city is located 25 kilometres (16 mi) west of the capital Raipur on the main Howrah–Mumbai rail line, and National Highway 6. Bhilai is famous for Bhilai Steel Plant which is the largest of steel plant in India after Bokaro.

Bhilai is a major travel destination of central India. With the help of Russian Government the second Indian Steel plant was grown from the date 2nd Feb 1955. At that time, Bhilai was an unknown remote village. But now a new, modern city has been developed there surrounding the steel plant. Bhilai has emerged as an excellent educational centre, contributing to the educational needs in all technological fields.

Bhilai Steel Plant:The landmark of Bhilai is the Bhilai Steel Plant. The Steel Plant in Bhilai has been awarded the Prime Minister's Trophy for the best integrated steel plant five times in the last seven years. Bhilai Steel Plant also happened to be the first in India to receive the ISO 9002 quality certification.

Administration: The city is called Bhilai Nagar which is a planned township, divided into 10 sectors and other various areas. Bhilai is one of the best planned cities in India, falling in top 3 of the best planned cities list. Bhilai Nagar has a municipal corporation.The lush green central avenue starting from the Ispat Bhawan-Bhilai Steel plant to Jawahar Lal Nehru Main Hospital divides the city into two halves.

Transport:There are three railway stations within the Bhilai region

  • Bhilai (Bhilai 3)
  • Bhilai Power House
  • Bhilai Nagar

The railway station at Durg is also widely used as it has major train stoppages.Shared diesel run three-wheelers, called tempos in local parlance, ply select routes in the city and serve as a reliable and convenient local public transport.

Education: Bhilai is known for its pre-graduate education aimed at preparation for entrance examinations for Engineering. A town which was literally created from a small village, Bhilai Steel Plant had to create an education system for the children of employees, which attracted students from all over India. Starting in late 1950s, the first Higher Secondary School was opened in Sector 1 (and it is still there), followed by Bhilai Vidyalaya Sec 2 and Higher Secondary School in Sector 7. In those early days the Sector 7 School supported instruction in both English (through Cambridge Board) and in Hindi. Recognizing that most of the employees were going to be engineers or in some of the technical field, the Plant Management went out to attract the best teachers from all over the country.

With the increasing population over last 50 years, the populace as well as the education system has become somewhat diversified. Many Business and English coaching classes have flourished in this small town.

Bhilai is also famous for its Schools. DPS Bhilai, Delhi Public School,Risali sector Bhilai, D.A.V. Public School (ACC Jamul), Senior Secondary School (S.S.S) Sector 10, Bhilai Nair Samajam school sector-8, S.S.S Sector 4, S.S.S Sector 6, S.S.S Sector 7, Bhilai Vidyalaya, Mar Gregorious Memorial Senior Secondary School, Krishna Public School, Shri Shankara Vidyalaya, St. Xavier's High School, Angle Valley School Hudco etc. all boast of illustrious alumni. A high percentage of students qualify for the illustrious IITs from these schools.

ICAI had released its Vision 2030 document which set outs its Vision for 2030, Mission , Strategic Priorities and Action Plan for the coming three years to achieve its Vision during the 62 nd Annual Function held on 11 t h February 2012 by the august hands of Dr. M. Veerappa Moily , Minister of Corporate Affairs.

ICAI aims at harnessing the opportunities and addressing the challenges presented by the rapidly changing environment so that, by 2030, ICAI becomes :

ICAI Vision 2030 emphasizes four elements:

  • To be World’s leading accounting body : ICAI envisions becoming the world’s leading accounting body by playing a predominant role in setting world class standards in identified service areas developing thought leadersh ip and research that addresses concerns of countries, developed, developing and under - developed.
  • A regulator and developer of Trusted and Independent Professionals : ICAI will lay further thrust on its regulatory and developmental role that set s the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct of its members as a core value . Each and every member of ICAI will not only have the obligation to maintain exacting standards of clarity, transparency and disclosure and present an independent, informed and b alanced opinion but ICAI will make examples of delinquent members to ensure this core value is embedded in the DNA of its members.
  • With World Class Competencies : ICAI will ensure that members have the right skills to serve global markets which are regularl y updated and are relevant in the changing economic order. ICAI will provide holistic education, effective practical training and continuous professional development to ensure that the knowledge base of the profession keeps pace with emerging global practi ces and innovations.
  • In accounting, assurance, taxation, finance and business advisory services : ICAI will strengthen facilities available for providing education, training and continuous updation of knowledge as also research and development relevant in current times to establish thought leadership in these areas where members of ICAI have been providing services.

It sets out its Mission as The Mission 2030 of ICAI lays focus on following key elements:

  • Global Professionals : ICAI will develop skilled professionals with competencies to service clients not only within India but across the globe that requires technical skills as also cross cultural appreciation and understanding of global needs. As one of the largest producers of CAs in the wor ld, we will make sure our members can take the rightful place in the global talent pool.
  • Independent and Transparent Regulatory Mechanism : ICAI will further strengthen and visibly demonstrate its regulatory role through proactive, visible, timely and unbi ased action. We will create public awareness and sensitize all stakeholders to the effectiveness of the quasi judicial role of ICAI and ensure inclusion of wider section of users of member services in carrying out our role as regulator.
  • Highest ethical standards : ICAI will continue to inculcate highest ethical standards amongst its members to assist them in upholding the values that the accounting profession stands for. We will continue to include and emphasize ethical values as part of the education and training of students and members.
  • Cutting - edge research and development : ICAI will become the hub of valued Thought leadership and innovation in the field of accounting, assurance, taxation, finance and business. ICAI will devote resources and create an enabling environment to become the predominant contributor to setting standards across the world in these fields. We will support, fund and take up research on issues that impact has locally and globally.
  • Multi - national Service Providers : ICAI will facili tate the Indian professional services firms and professionals to establish as multi - national service providers and help them in harnessing global opportunities on one hand and assist them in building capabilities on the other.

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Year Awards
2015 Star Branch of CIRC in Small Category.
2014 Best Branch of CIRC in Small Category.
2014 Star Branch of CICASA in Small Category.
2014 Best Branch of Country in Smaller Category.
2014 Highly Commendable Branch of CICASA of Country in Smaller Category.
2013 Star Branch of CIRC in Small Category.
2013 Best Branch of CICASA in CIRC.
2012 Best Branch of Country in Smaller Catagory.
2012 Star Branch Of CIRC in Medium Category.
2012 Second Best Branch of CICASA in CIRC.
2011 Best Branch of Country in Smaller Catagory.
2011 Best CICASA Branch of Country.
2011 Star Branch Of CIRC in Medium Category.
2011 Star Branch Of CICASA in Region (CIRC).
2010 Best Branch of Country in Smaller Catagory.
2010 Best CICASA Branch of Country.
2010 Star Branch Of CIRC in Medium Category.
2010 Star Branch Of CICASA in Region (CIRC).
2009 Best Branch of Country in Smaller catagory.
2009 Best Branch of Central Region in Medium Catagory.
2008 Highly Commandable Performance Branch of Country in Smaller Catagory.
2008 Model Branch of CIRC in Smaller Catagory.
2007 Best Branch of Country in Smaller catagory.
2007 Model Branch of CIRC in Smaller Catagory.
2006 Best Branch of Country in Smaller catagory.
2006 Model Branch of CIRC in Smaller Catagory.
2002 Second Best Branch of Central Region.